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Brinner and Cookies

Living alone in NYC has been an incredible luxury. I knew it meant givingĀ up things like vacations, fancy dinners, happy hours with co-workers and $15 mojitos (ya know, normal NYC life things) but it was worth it to me to finally have my own space.… Read More

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Sunday with Pancakes

Guys. You are welcome. Seriously. You are welcome. I basically eat eggs with Sriracha and bacon every weekend, but NOT this weekend. This weekend I am sharing one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Did I mention they are gluten free? Free of… Read More

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Sunday with granola

I don’t know about you but I find baking on the weekends to be the most relaxing thing to do. Over the past year or so I have baked tons of delicious treats, most of them being gluten free. Now you might be thinking, ”… Read More