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Alexis was all, “We should start that blog we’ve been talking about”, and Nicole was all “Yup.” Now we’re here.

So you’d like some background info? Sure why not. We both grew up in the same town, went to the same Junior High School and High School. Were we automatic friends? Nope. Did Alexis ask to be Nicole’s lab partner in 10th grade and get denied? Yup. Did we become inseparable after that? Absolutely. Bonding over our love of O-Town, Dream, all things emo, and chocolate is what cemented this friendship. Fast forward through boys, college, Nicole moving away, new jobs, Nicole moving to Brooklyn with her boyfriend, Alexis getting married, Alexis still being a townie and life in general, and we are still best friends.

So now you know the history. Lets look into our future and the future of this blog. We hope our passion for food, writing, photographs, DIY, life, and fashion come through and inspire you like it does us.  So cheers! Read on and thanks for visiting!

xo- Lex & Nicole



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